Monday, May 17, 2010

Jim Henson

So the twentieth anniversary of Jim Henson's passing was just recently. I wouldn't have know except I stumbled across another blog post. I started thinking about how Jim Henson and his characters impacted my life.

I remember watching the Muppet show reruns with my Dad, Sister and Grandma Walber. Dad would stop to pick us up from work and we would beg him to let stay longer so we could finish watching the episode. I am not sure if I had a favorite show or character but I did enjoy the songs and how some of the skits made me laugh.

My Sister and I also had a few books and albums. we would read them or dance and sing to the music. I remember dad reading one of the books and he would change his voice to try to match the way the Muppet's sounded. We had the movies on tape, and I must have watched the Muppet Movie a million times. I did not watch the Great Muppet Caper or The Muppets take Manhattan as often, not because they were bad, but because I just thought the first one was the best.

I also watched Sesame Street. I did have a favorite on that show. It was Cookie Monster. I think he was my favorite for three reasons. One blue was my favorite color. Two I like cookies too. Three was because my name also began with the letter C. Although he was my favorite, Oscar was second. He made me laugh at how grouchy he was.

I can remember Merry D. taking me to see Sesame Street on Ice as a kid. Seeing all the characters singing and dancing and performing on ice. I really enjoyed seeing all the characters.

Then there was Fraggle Rock and the Muppet Babies. I did watch both as a kid and even watched the Fraggles on netfilx once or twice. These shows were ok but for some reason did not capture me like the others.

I wish Jim Henson would have lived longer, I can only imagine what he might have done with todays technology. I do know this though... What ever it was it would have been great time spent watching with my family.