Monday, March 28, 2011

Walter Peterson

My Grandpa passed away last week and I wanted to write some things in memory of him.

The Joker.
My Grandpa had a great sense of humor. He was witty and always had a joke ready. The great thing though he wasn't funny to be the center of attention, he just wanted to make you laugh. My favorite joke of his was when he told me "he dropped out of school in the 5th grade." I was ready to hear something about tough times and need to work for the family, but as he continued, "well I had to because my dad was in the 6th grade and I didn't want to pass him up." It made me laugh and that joke got recycled through the entire family, my dad and uncles saying the same thing and I even used it once.

The Story Teller.
Some might think of my Grandpa as a quiet man. They wouldn't be wrong because he had a quiet cool to him. He could sit and listen to others, but he could also tell a great story once you got him going. I remember sitting and listening to him tell me about my Dad and Uncles when they were growing up, and some stories of his time serving as a MP in the Army Air Force. Or about when he met Grandma. He surely talked my girlfriend's ear off when we would go to visit, since he saved some of his best stories for her. Mostly were about me when I was little.

Grandpa I am going to miss you. I know you are back with Grandma and in a better place. Just know I love you and will never forget you.