Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Why is Microsoft One Step Behind

It seems whenever Microsoft's Patterns and Practices (PnP) team releases a new product there is always a feeling of that finally they have caught up to the open source world of products. The problem is the releases seem to be one step behind. Enterprise Library along with the software factories, don't quite add up to products like Spring.net, NHibernbate, and Log4Net. The Validation block is quite similar to EVIL yet delivered months later. The Microsoft test framework, created to compete with NUnit, is nothing spectacular. It really doesn't offer any advantageous features.

I tend to use the PnP product as much as I can. I have been a backer of the Web Client Software Factory. Using the factory along with the Enterprise Library offering is close to Spring. But it still lacks. Features that NHibernate offer is completely missing. The other thing is I feel like I need to change the way I develop to fit into the PnP way, when I use Spring.Net or other opens source products, they tend to just work with me. The tools I use should not fight me.

I have had high hopes for the PnP team. I was hoping that the products they released would be ground breaking and innovative and truly help me in my day to day work. Instead they try to replicate other open source products and challenge me in how I use them. If the PnP team continues this practice they will always be one step behind.

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