Friday, December 21, 2007

What I learned on my recent trip to Los Angeles

Here is a list of things I learned on my trip to and from Los Angeles.

  1. It is not always warm. I left the cold snowy state of Wisconsin expecting to get to L.A. and having sun and warm weather. Instead I found rain and mid to high 50s.
  2. I have been in many cities where I thought traffic was bad (New York, Toronto, Washington D.C., Las Vegas) None of those cities can touch L.A. We are talking 8 lanes of bumper to bumper at 10:00 am in the morning. Add to that the motorcycles that ride between cars in adjoining lanes and you have a recipe for disaster and mayhem.
  3. I can leave my Sirius radio on in my car for three straight days and it wont completely drain my car battery.
  4. I can sleep through anything. While in L.A. there was an earthquake that registered 4.0. I slept through it though.
  5. Everyone in L.A. seems to be in some way connected to the film industry. Everyone I spoke with has either been in a movie or connected to a movie in some way.
  6. The Denver airport is not all that great. It is just a long building that is not fun.
  7. TAS at LAX is perhaps the worst. It took us an hour and forty-five minutes to get through security. They had one xray line running during the middle of the day.
Well that is all.
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