Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Chris Trainning Days 3 and 4 (Guidance Package Framework)

So After finally getting a feel for the guidance package framework I really understand all the great things that can be accomplished. I started thinking of having it create my solution and projects, adding the needed reference (both MS and third party) to the projects, having the proper directory structers under projects. Creating SVN repository on our svn server. Creating the build directories and setting up our project on the build server. And that can all be done by the initial setup.

Then you can customize the package to have development time recipies. These would be recipies that automate tedious tasks. One of those tasks for me is nhibernate mapping. Imagine a recipe where it gives you a wizzard, you pick the table and the columns you want mapped and then it goes off and creates, your hbm mapping file along with I[table]DAL, and you [table]DAL. How much time would that save over a life of a project, or two projects or well you get the idea. So after reading this you have to say man but there has to be a catch. Well there is. See actually you would have to write all this functionality yourself. None of these types of things are available as a plugin. The framework does allow you to easilly plug in your own actions and recipes, but they all need to be developbed by your team.

So if you are willing to invest the time, you can create yourself one heck of an automation package that can lead your development efforts.
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