Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Badgers Schedule to Easy

For those who think the badgers schedule is to easy please see the quote from Coach B down below.
Brian (Lucas) pointed out, everybody wants to talk strength of schedule. Everybody wants, Coach B doesn’t play these teams … Well, we have the, we have by the NCAA, and I love that Web site, because it computes your strength of schedule as it’s real. It computes what teams have played, what their records are, and it moves forward, and I’ve been watching it all season. And now today we’re 14th in the country, and we have the toughest schedule in the Big Ten conference to date, and that, to me, says something about what we’ve been able to accomplish and hopefully move forward.

I think it is interesting that we are currently 14th. I realize as we play Michigan and Northwestern this number will probably go down, but still not to shabby.

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