Monday, July 23, 2007

Subversion Repository

When developing software you need to store your code in a repository that will maintain versions, and also allow for merging and branching of the code base. At work we use Subversion.

When we set up a project for a client we try to use a standard directory structure. We do this so that no matter what project we are working on we can easily move to another project to do work if the need arises. The structure looks like the following...
  • client name
    • Project One
      • Trunk
        • bin
        • docs
        • lib
        • src
      • Tags
        • Tag_1
      • branches
        • branch_1
    • Project Two
By using this structure we know that the current code base will always be in Trunk. Tags contains versions of the code you might want to go back to. we tend to use to hold each release version. Branches are used when you need to create a new development path. This could be done for an emergency bug in production or just to experiment with a new technique. Usually any changes to a brach will need to be merged into the Trunk version.
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