Monday, November 12, 2007

Las Vegas Shows

So when I was in Vegas I saw the shows Spamalot and Penn & Teller. I had really good seats for each show in fact we were within the first ten rows.

I saw Spamalot first. Spamalot was shown at the Wynn Casino. I like Monty Python and have seen their movies. Spamalot is basically an adaption of the movie Search for the Holy Grail. In fact they turned it into a musical and even added a little Vegas to it. In all it was very entertaining and still had everything you would expect from a Monty Python production and a Las Vegas show. The Lady of the Lake had a terrific voice.

I saw Penn & Teller a day after I saw Spamalot. Penn & Teller was playing at The Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino. I have enjoyed Penn & Teller shows on TV, but was disappointed by the stage show. My disappointment comes from the fact that the show was exactly the same as their TV shows. Sure they might have had one or two differences, but they were not that entertaining.

To wrap up this post I would give Spamalot an A and Penn & Teller a B-. If you have never seen Search for the Holy Grail, or Penn & Teller on TV then you might enjoy both show even more.
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