Thursday, December 07, 2006

Microsoft Team System

Last night I started to dive into team system a little more. Since I have not worked with the tool I have been looking for content on the web to help guide me. Unfortunately there is a lot out there and I am having trouble knowing where to start. So I have been leaning on the web resource quite a bit.

So the first thing I did is create a new team server project. To do this I connected to my team server through the team explore window. Then I right click and chose new team project. The wizard will walk you through naming the project, entering a description, and then you get to pick a project process. I went with agile process. After completing the wizard, the tool goes to work.

Once you get control back, you find a new team project has been created, along with a project portal that can be found on on you team server. I also noticed it created me 15 work items, along with some documents that seem to be stubs for things like requirements, vision statements, testing and so on. It also created a lot of process guidance document to help you through the tasks.

The first 15 work items are relatively straight forward. They range from defining members and roles, setting up check in rules, code standards, and what not. Also in these early work items some ba type items like defining vision, and persona. Pm items include defining iteration length and create iteration plan, and even testers get some items create test approach. Of course most of the documents are already stubbed and just need you to check them out and modify them.

Once I am done fulfilling all these items, I will create anew blog talking about what I did to close them.
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