Thursday, December 21, 2006

Cool Websites

So A couple guys at work found some cool things on the web and I thought i would pass them on.

The first a tool that will do searches of MP3s. By searches I mean you give it a phrase and it will actually search the entire song for it. For example, if you ask it to find "sparks fly from your finger tips" it will return Witchy Woman and any other song with those lyrics. This cool search can be found here.

The second cool thing is a website. Ever go to a mall or a bar or a friends and couldn't find a parking spot because someone has parked poorly either by laziness or on purpose to protect there car. Well here is your chance to get back at them. The website is just the answer. here you can upload pictures of the offenders, and even download tickets you can print out and put on the vehicles.

I plan on making use of both these items in the future and I hope you do too.
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