Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Video Games

For Christmas I received two new games for my XBox 360. Both the games were released by EA. One of the games I really love. It is one of those games that is truly amazing. The other game well it is a major disappointment.

I am going to start talking about NCAA Football 2007. This game is a huge disappointment to me. I have NCAA 2006 for the regular xbox, and I really like the game. It had a great dynasty mode and the ability to create your own school and uniforms and mascots. Unfortunately the game does not work on the 360 so I was forced to get 2007. Well 2007 left out some parts of the game. For starters, you can no longer create your own school. Even though I am a huge Badger fan, I liked creating my own school and starting off with a really bad team and building it up to a major dynasty. Jumping from a terrible conference to a mid major to a BCS conference. It was fun, made dynasty mode a little more difficult. EA also changed the way kicking works. Instead of using buttons on the meter you use the right stick. At first I found this to be stupid, but the more I hae played, really it is just an annoyance. All in all I wish I could just play 2006, but I can't.

The other game I got was The Godfather. This game has become one of my all time favorites. It is almost as good as GTA Vice City. The game does a great job of following the movie and was very good with all the characters voices and animation. It really makes you feel like you are playing the movie. You start as a son of a slain mobster and after your mother convinces the Don to help you find your way, the Don asks Luca to take you under his wing so to speak. From that point on you will find yourself extorting from businesses, and asked to do favors for the family, and as you do, you move up the family ladder. The ultimate goal is to climb to Don of New York. That means you need to take out all of the other families.

Well I hope you all had a good New Year, talk to you later.
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