Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Badgers Dis-Respected

So the final rankings came out for the NCAA Football season. In the AP poll the UW Badger dropped to 7th. I don't understand how this is possible. The Badgers, who finished the season 12-1, won their bowl game against a very good Arkansas team who played in the SEC championship game. Some will argue, that USC and LSU played tougher schedules, so there extra loss should not place them below the Badgers, but by using that same logic, the one loss Badgers played a much tougher schedule than undefeated Boise State.

So I guess I have two questions for the audience, one why is Wisconsin so dis-respected. I don't think I have ever seen a team win a January bowl game and drop in ranking. All year it has been like this. Other examples would be every time sports commentators talked about one loss teams that could play for the National Championship every one loss team was talked about except Wisconsin. The fact that we were unranked at the beginning of the year is another example of this disrespect. Here is a Badger team the beat a super good Auburn team the year before in a January bowl game, yet is unranked at the start of the season when that Auburn team is in the top 10. People argued that Wisconsin lost to many players, but when you look at the roster they would have notice they returned virtually everyone on defense and half the starters on offense.

The other question I want to ask is, when will the NCAA go to a playoff system. I realize how much money could be lost, but in fairness to the players, and fans we need a playoff system. I am tired of all the controversy surrounding the BCS, and I have now come to realize if left in hand of voters, it may be impossible for my Badgers to play in a championship. They would not only need to go undefeated, but they would need to end the war in Iraq and find Bin Laden.

All I can hope for now is that the men's basketball team keeps winning, starting tonight with Ohio State, and makes it to the final four. At least they can control their own destiny and wont be screwed at the end of the year by voters.
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