Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Who Is the Best Bond

My friends and I have spent countless hours arguing about who is the best James Bond. We all agree that Sean Connery was the best hands down. We also agree that George Lazenby was the worst. But for the other four how do they rank. I never really had a formula for ranking, and just went off my gut when I would argue this question. Now however; I have come up for a formula that seems to work for me.

What I did is I listed all 21 Bond movies with the actor who stared as bond. Then I ordered the movies based on how much I liked the movie. Now this was tough to do so I decided to re-watch all the movies with one exception. I did not re-watch Casino Royal. After ranking I assigned a point value to each film, 1 point to the worst and 2 for the second worst and so on. Then I totaled all the actors points for each film they did and I divided by the number of films. Since Craig and Lazenby only have done one film a piece my findings needed to be modified a bit to take into account for longevity. So what I did was add one point for each film the actor did to the average points.

So here is the data based on my opinion.
Title Bond Actor Rank Points
Dr No Connery 4 18
From Russia with Love Connery 7 15
Goldfinger Connery 1 21
ThunderBall Connery 15 7
You Only Live Twice Connery 8 14
On Her Majesty's Secret Service Lazenby 21 1
Diamonds are Forever Connery 13 9
Live and Let die Moore 17 5
The Man with the Golden Gun Moore 12 10
The Spy Who Loved Me Moore 14 8
Moonraker Moore 9 13
For Your Eyes Only Moore 3 19
Octopussy Moore 6 16
A View to a Kill Moore 18 4
The Living Daylights Dalton 16 6
License to Kill Dalton 10 12
GoldenEye Brosnan 2 20
Tomorrow Never Dies Brosnan 11 11
The World is Not Enough Brosnan 19 3
Die Another Day Brosnan 20 2
Casino Royale Craig 5 17

and the order I will rank the Bonds are....

Average Points Adjusted points
14 20
17 18
10.71428571 17
1 2

So there it is. As like anything this my opinion and can be debated.
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