Monday, June 25, 2007

Are the DVD Wars Over

So a couple weeks ago Blockbuster announced they would be only offering Blu-Ray DVDs at there stores. This is a big loss for HD-DVD. So now many are claiming that the format wars are over.

I disagree.

Sony struggling sales of it PlayStation3 along with the fact that stand alone Blu-Ray players still cost around $1000.00 and are not selling well shows that consumers are not ready to jump on the Blu-Ray technology. Also, since you can buy a HD-DVD player for around $300.00 and an increasing offering of games and movies is keeping Toshiba and it's partners in the competition.

I still am not sure if either format will win the DVD war. In fact both Blu-ray and HD-DVD offers consumers something more than regular DVDs and each has some advantages over the other. If I had to predict, my guess would be once one of the technologies starts to dominate the market, something even better will be made.
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