Monday, November 20, 2006

Microsoft Team Server

At the company I work at, we currently use SVN, Jira, and Confluence. These tools serve as our source repository, item tracker, and project collaboration. One thing to note our company does both Java, and .Net development. These tools work pretty well for both of these practices. There are plenty of tools to help integrate these tools into VS2005.

Well one task I have taken on is to look into the Microsoft Team Server. The first task was to install it on our network. I asked our network guy to create a new partition. I also download Team Server for Workgroups from my MSDN subscription. I decided to do the single server install since this was to be more of a fact finding/demo of what team server can do, and the workgroup version can only accommodate five users.

The install is a little more complex that I thought it would be. The install document although lengthy was very accurate. Here is a quick wrap up of what I did.

The first thing I did is I had out network guy create three new domain accounts. One was the install account, one was the service account and the other was the reporting account. I had to have them as domain since it was the workgroup install, however if you do the regular version I guess the users can just be local accounts.

The first thing that needs to be installed is SqlServer 2005. there are some setting you need to change form the install wizard. They are well documented in the install manual. After it installs, there are two updates the need to be run. the updates are found on the team server dvd. Next is to install SharePoint services 2.0. Again you must choose the server farm setting. Once installed don't worry about trying to configure SharePoint, since the team server install will do this. The last thing to do is to install Team Server. Again walk through the wizard and let it install.

Once everything was installed, I had to use the command line tool to add users to roles on the server.

Finally I installed the client tool on my local machine and away we went.

As I use the tool more I will blog about my experience with it. For now though I haven't had a lot of time to use it.
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