Thursday, November 09, 2006

Vegas Part 1

Hi all,

I am back from Vegas. The next few blogs will be about my trip. Today's blog is on my gambling experience.

While in Vegas I tried many different games. I would say the break down is 70% blackjack, 15% poker, 8% Pia Gow Poke, 4% craps, and 3% slots and other.

What can I say about this game. I like to play two deck, with a 3 to 2 bj payout. Well it seams the casino I stay at decided to rid itself of true double deck. They had a couple tables with single deck with a 6 to 5 bj payout. If you are familiar with the game you know that 6 to 5 increase the house percentage in the game, like the house already didn't have enough of an advantage. I ended up mostly playing an 8 deck shoe with a 3 to 2 bj payout. The house percentage is actually less on this game than a single deck with a 6 to 5 bj payout. The troubles I ran across while playing are the same as normal usual, the double down. For some reason when ever I have an opportunity to double down, I usually end up losing. My last night there the dealer help me keep track and I was 2 for 12 on my double downs.

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Pia Gow Poker
Pia Gow is one of my favorite games. You are dealt seven cards and you make two poker hands out of them. If your two hands beats the dealers two hands you win. If the dealers two hands beat yours you lose. Anything else is a push. For the most part I did pretty well at the game. It is one of those games you can really play for a long time. You don't win or lose a lot.

I love to play craps, I just don't have the bankroll needed to play it often. The game is fast paced and the house odds are low. In fact the best bet in all of Vegas is found on the craps table. I enjoy the action. For the most part I played for a couple hours. I was up and down, craps is a roller coaster. I think when I walked away, I was up a little.

I do enjoy playing some slots. I know that slots are usually the worst bet in Vegas, but they can be fun. I like the themes, and the chance to hit a big jackpot. Plus my brother-in-law likes to play them and we have fun complaining about how lucky each other is.

Sports Book
I did make a few parlay bets. I lost them all. It was a pretty tough weekend with football. A lot of good teams all lost. So I ended up down.

Hope all is good. Stay tuned for the next update.
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